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R&D is expensive and the intellectual property developed must earn its keep

Transfer or license intellectual property for returns, growth and innovation

Inngot's team are experts in intellectual property and intangibles with a wealth of experience in transferring and licensing assets

IP policy and research

IP sale, transfer or licensing

The IP you own needs to earn its keep. If it isn’t contributing to your business, then licensing or selling it could be the answer.

To do this you need to know exactly what you have, establish your rights to it, find out its true value and pinpoint how to effectively commercialise it.

There are many reasons why you may be considering the sale, transfer or licensing of IP. No matter the reason, getting a clear understanding of the commercial viability of any transaction is key to success.

Inngot’s IP toolkit makes identifying and valuing IP simple, quick and affordable for all businesses.

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Generate revenue from your IP

Your intellectual property has value, and the key to leveraging it lies in understanding what you own, what it is worth and how best to commercialise it.

Hundreds of companies of all sizes use our tools and services to help them get the most out of their IP through sale or licensing.

Our team has experience and expertise in advising companies, universities and government agencies all around the world on licensing and selling IP.

Get in touch to discuss how Inngot's tools and services can support your plans.

Expert support and custom solutions to commercialise your IP

Inngot’s team have over 100 years combined experience in identifying, managing and commercialising IP

Our experts can also support with custom solutions to license or sell your IP. This extends to accessing specialist licensing databases to find licensees, templates for licenses and licensing terms and/or typical royalty rates for your sector to inform negotiations.

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Tailored IP valuation of your assets
Why sell or license IP?

IP comes in many forms and can be sold, licensed in or licensed out depending on your situation

Business borrowing using IP as collateral


Selling IP that's surplus to your requirements reduces your costs and injects cash into the business. You can sell your IP to:

✔ Generate income on IP that is no longer core to your business plans
✔ Realise a return on R&D costs
✔ Reduce costs associated with further development or maintenance (such as registered IP fees)
✔ Inject cash into the business
✔ Accept an offer you can't refuse

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Licensing out

Licensing out IP to generate royalty income is a great way to turn your intangible assets into recurring revenue. You can license out your IP to:

✔ Generate income without additional overhead
✔ Reach new market sectors more easily
✔ Receive royalties on the IP
✔ Allow businesses to sell your IP for you
✔ Open new geographical areas
✔ Develop international markets

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Licensing in

Licensing in IP is an agreement between you and the IP rights owner. It grants you permission to do something that would be an infingement of rights without the license:

✔ Accelerate new products to market
✔ Reduce R&D costs
✔ Utilise established models, systems or databases
✔ Develop new revenue stream faster

Tools and services for selling or licensing IP

Utilise our online toolkit and custom services to commercialise your IP


1. Discover your IP and intangibles for FREE

Identify and uncover your IP with Goldseam®

Inngot’s FREE online tool Goldseam is the fastest and easiest way to identify, describe and document your company's IP rights and other identifiable intangibles.

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Inngot Sollomon IP valuation report for IP finance
Value your Intellectual property for IP finance or investment with Sollomon - Inngots unique IP valuation tool


2. Easily value your IP and intangibles

Generate an instant IP valuation report

Our unique online tool Sollomon® allows you to value your IP at a fraction of the cost of traditional IP valuations in line with recognised international standards.

Fully integrated with Goldseam, Sollomon is simple and intuitive for any trading business to use.


3. Get a custom IP valuation

A custom valuation from an IP expert

For many businesses, our online Sollomon® tool is the ideal choice, especially when seeking debt finance. Our custom valuation service comes into its own in more complex situations:

  • Your IP or your company is at an early stage of development
  • Your portfolio is particularly large or diverse
  • Your organisational structure is more involved
  • Your market applications are still being determined
  • You are contemplating a transaction that is specialist in nature
  • A specialist investor requires it as part of their due diligence
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4. Develop a tailored IP strategy

Manage your IP and intangibles with a deep understanding of what you own and what drives value

Inngot’s IP strategy service provides an in-depth analysis of the IP and intangibles that you own, what they currently contribute, where they sit in your marketplace, and how they can be best protected, managed and commercialised for growth.

Our experts can deliver a tailored strategy to manage your IP and intangible assets to drive commercial success.


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