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Generate a customised and interactive action plan for your IP, highlighting key actions to protect and manage your IP

Action plan generated instantly from your FREE Goldseam® IP profile

Price: £95+VAT
Appraise IP action plan

Create an action plan for your IP with Appraise

An Appraise action plan helps you to identify opportunities for commercialisation and improved IP management

Most companies are unaware of all the intellectual property and intangible assets they have accumulated, and the steps that should be taken to ensure those assets are properly exploited and protected.

Appraise creates a customised interactive action plan that identifies and highlights risks and suggests ways in which your assets can be better protected.

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Appraise process

Manage, protect and commercialise your IP

Informed by over 100 years’ experience in IP management, protection and commercialisation, Appraise generates an IP management report instantly

This report is interactive, meaning that you can tick off any feedback identified as and when it is completed.

The Appraise action plan updates automatically to reflect every change that is made to the associated Goldseam asset profile.

What can an Appraise action plan report do for you?

Appraise IP action plan meeting

Optimised for the UK

Get your Appraise IP Action Plan for just £95 +VAT

The Appraise Action Plan is currently optimised for the UK. If you need something even more personalised, contact us for help accessing an audit or country-specific report.

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