Identify and map your intellectual property and intangible assets

Get to grips with your company's IP - create a detailed account of all your IP and intangibles

The Inngot online toolkit makes it easy for any business to take stock of your IP and identify your hidden assets

We can also conduct a full IP audit to take a deep dive into what makes your business tick

Get to grips with your IP and intangible assets

Every company has IP and intangible assets, but few firms know what they all are or how to make best use of them. IP is complex and comes in many forms, which are not always recognised or considered to have value.

As a result, the IP a company owns is often overlooked. Uncovering and clearly identifying all your IP allows you to manage it effectively, value it, protect it and leverage its value for commercial advantage.

Inngot’s one-of-a-kind IP toolkit makes mapping IP simple for all businesses. Our experts can also support with custom IP solutions.

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Use your IP for growth

Make better business decisions

Inngot’s team have over 100 years combined experience in identifying, managing and commercialising IP

A bird's eye view of all of the IP you own and what has value is crucial to commercialising it effectively.

Our online toolkit allows you to identify and organise your IP for FREE and manage all of your assets with clarity.

If you are looking for help from our team of IP experts to conduct a full IP audit get in touch.

Gain a commercial strategic advantage over your competition

Make your IP and intangibles work for you

Use your IP to raise finance, build new revenue streams, drive innovation and accelerate growth. Your intellectual property has value which often doesn't appear on the balance sheet. With Inngot you can uncover the hidden value in your IP and leverage it to your advantage.

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Uncover the IP that really makes your business tick

Create an overview of all of your IP - not just the assets you can register

Identify valuable intangible assets you didn't even know you had

Explore implications of IP rights registration for your organisation

Highlight risks requiring attention and opportunties for improved IP management

Get a detailed view of the many different forms of copyright and wider non-physical assets you own

Demonstrate active strategic management of IP in applications for funding and business support

Show the breadth and depth of your asset base to current and future stakeholders

Inform decisions regarding allocation of resources for ongoing IP development

Identify trade secrets and how to protect them internally and externally

Trusted by thousands of companies

Inngot’s tools and services have supported thousands of businesses, from start-up companies to multinationals.

We are a principal delivery partner for the UK IPO IP Audits Plus and IP Access schemes, as well as for the Advanced Propulsion Centre.

We also work closely with organisations including Innovate UK EDGE, the Welsh Government and Scottish Enterprise.

Quick answers

We don’t charge for registration. Our Goldseam® IP identification tool is free to use; this will take you through your IP and intangible assets step-by-step, and generate an IP profile you can download and share, and update whenever you like. Charges for other tools on the platform are clearly laid out.

Yes, of course. Our toolkit does not expect you to have specialist IP knowledge. Goldseam® provides you with descriptions of the different non-physical assets your business may own, to make it easy to select the relevant items and build your profile. If you have registered IP rights, just have their numbers to hand.

Yes, of course! You can call us on +(44) 333 800 8090, book a call or email us via our contact page.

Very few businesses have a full understanding of all their intangible assets. This is what Goldseam® is for; it helps you find things you didn’t know you had, and communicate them to other people. It will also pull back full details of any patents and many trade marks you have, based on a simple number entry; we’ll even organise patent data into ‘families’ for you.

A Goldseam® profile can typically be generated in as little as 15-20 minutes. More complex portfolios may take a little longer.

Tools and services to help you identify and map your IP

Utilise our online toolkit and custom services to get a detailed understanding of your IP and intangibles


1. Discover your IP and intangibles for FREE

Identify and uncover your IP with Goldseam®

Inngot’s FREE online tool Goldseam is the fastest and easiest way to identify, describe and document your company's IP rights and other identifiable intangibles.

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2. Get a custom in-depth audit

An audit from Inngot will provide an in-depth review of all your IP and intangible assets

Take stock of all the IP and intangibles your organisation has accumulated, evaluate current asset management and protection strategies and, crucially, identify ways in which those mechanisms can be developed to minimise risk and maximise economic potential.

Get started on your IP journey

Register on our online platform or get in touch to speak to an expert

Use our toolkit to identify and then value your IP and intangible assets

Our experts check, validate and finalise your IP reports and valuations

Use your verified reports to leverage and manage your IP