Stand out from the crowd with an
IP and intangible asset strategy

In the 21st century IP and intangibles account for up to 90% of a company's market value

An effective IP strategy allows you to make informed decisions to multiply the value of your business

Inngot’s tools and services give you the support you need to better manage your IP

Raise IP based finance

Make your IP work for your business

Your IP can be your biggest asset

When identified and managed effectively it drives growth, informs business strategy, and shapes new opportunities.

IP management requires an understanding of what you own and how to best protect, develop and leverage it.

Make better business decisions and drive revenue through effective IP management.

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Why you need an IP strategy

In a world where IP drives company value, it is vital that you have a clear plan for your future

Understand what IP and intangibles you own

Deliver against company objectives with a clear and defined IP management plan

Align finance, legal, R&D, production and sales and marketing objectives around a clear IP strategy

Highlight risks requiring attention and opportunities for improved IP management

Get a detailed view of the many different forms of copyright and wider non-physical assets you own

Demonstrate active strategic management of IP in applications for funding and business support

Show the breadth and depth of your asset base to current and future stakeholders

Inform decisions regarding allocation of resources for ongoing IP development

Identify trade secrets and how to protect them internally and externally

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Show breadth and depth of your IP

Managing IP for better business

Inngot’s team has over 100 years’ hands-on experience in managing and commercialising IP

Through our tools and services, we have supported thousands of businesses from start-up companies to multinationals. We focus on helping you work out how to reduce risk and maximise your IP and intangible asset value.

Identify risks and opportunities to better protect your IP

Plan how best to protect your IP and weigh up the cost and benefit of various options

If you don’t monitor and protect your IP and intangibles properly, then they are vulnerable to being stolen.

Proper management is key to ensuring you maximise your return on your IP and intangibles investment.

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Secure your IP through effective protection

IP and intangibles can be easily used or copied without permission

Identifying what you own and the rights you have over it allows you to highlight any potential risks associated with your assets that may require attention.

Inngot’s tools and services give you the information you need to better protect your IP, with guidance on how to make your IP stronger or more commercially attractive.

We do not file patent and trade mark applications ourselves, so we will only recommend additional protection steps that are clearly in the best interest of your company.


Reducing risk and maximising return

Inngot’s team has over 100 years’ hands-on experience in managing and commercialising IP

We have an unparalleled network of contacts across the IP and business support landscape, which can be utilised by our clients to access follow-on support when registering patents, trade marks or other protection.

We focus on helping you work out how to reduce risk and maximise your IP and intangible asset value.

Tools and services to help you stand out from the crowd

Utilise our online toolkit and custom services to create an effective strategy with your IP and intangibles


1. Discover your IP and intangibles for FREE

Identify and uncover your IP with Goldseam®

Inngot’s FREE online tool Goldseam is the fastest and easiest way to identify, describe and document your company's IP rights and other identifiable intangibles.

Create an IP profile - Goldseam for IP finance
Inngot Sollomon IP valuation report for IP finance
Value your Intellectual property for IP finance or investment with Sollomon - Inngots unique IP valuation tool


2. Easily value your IP and intangibles

Generate an instant IP valuation report

Our unique online tool Sollomon® allows you to value your IP at a fraction of the cost of traditional IP valuations in line with recognised international standards.

Fully integrated with Goldseam, Sollomon is simple and intuitive for any trading business to use.


3. Develop a tailored IP strategy

Manage your IP and intangibles with a deep undertstanding of what you own and what drives value

Inngot’s IP strategy service provides an in-depth analysis of the IP and intangibles that you own, what they currently contribute, where they sit in your marketplace, and how they can be best protected, managed and commercialised for growth.

Our experts can deliver to manage your IP and intangible assets to drive commercial success.

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4. Get a custom in-depth audit

An audit from Inngot will provide an in-depth review of all your IP and intangible assets

Take stock of all the IP and intangibles your organisation has accumulated, evaluate current asset management and protection strategies and, crucially, identify ways in which those mechanisms can be developed to minimise risk and maximise economic potential.


5. Get a custom IP valuation

A custom valuation from an IP expert

For many businesses, our online Sollomon® tool is the ideal choice, especially when seeking debt finance. Our custom valuation service comes into its own in more complex situations:

  • Your IP or your company is at an early stage of development
  • Your portfolio is particularly large or diverse
  • Your organisational structure is more involved
  • Your market applications are still being determined
  • You are contemplating a transaction that is specialist in nature
  • A specialist investor requires it as part of their due diligence
Custom IP valuation with Inngot IP expert

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