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Everyone has IP and other intangible knowledge-based assets. But you may not understand just how many IP and intangible assets you have, how valuable they can be and how to realise this value. That’s why Inngot created its online IP toolkit, to help people like you get to grips with the subject and find out what IP and intangibles are worth to your business. Inngot’s tools help you identify the assets you have, get advice on how to manage and
protect them better, and get an indicative value for them.

Using Inngot’s IP toolkit, you can find and leverage vital resources which are unlikely to be shown on your balance sheet. Our award-winning online tools mean you get consistency and quality at a price that makes IP insights affordable to everyone.

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‘The Sollomon valuation was pivotal to our negotiations. When it was presented to the potential shareholders, it immediately took away a lot of the haggling.’

Norman Shaw - ExactTrak

‘The action plan addresses loads of things we would never have thought of… it’s a very straightforward process.’

Alexei Levene - Desolenator

‘‘The process was straight-forward and user friendly. The Sollomon valuation was very informative and provided useful information in relation to the value of our core IP as an analytical and chemical reagent company developing a new range of environmental sensing technologies for launch in 2020’

Dr Eoin Murray - T.E Laboratories Ltd

‘It’s very useful to have a third party, quick and easy system that’s fairly transparent to enable us to get a valuation on probably the company’s
biggest asset: its IP.’

Peter Brewin - Concrete Canvas

‘I don’t know any other company that provides a service like this – it definitely helped bring our attention to certain parts of our IP and intangible portfolio.’

Marcel Fowler - New Motion Labs

‘Having been extremely sceptical about an online report, it was a thorough, interesting and infinitely more engaging process than I was expecting. I would heartily recommend it!’

Rachel Jones - Totseat

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