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"Using Inngot's Sollomon tool, we were able to identify various intangible assets which highlighted value not only in terms of technical innovation but also market research and customer knowledge".

Laura Ramsay
Patent Attorney and
Partner at Dehns

"Appraise - an Intellectual Property action plan is brilliant. It gives us specific guidelines on how to protect, strengthen and market our IP. It works in a form of checklist which is absolutely easy to use."

Agris Belte
CEO Windows Apps Factory

"The Sollomon valuation was pivotol in our negotiations... We were pleased to raise just over £450,000 of external investment".

Norman Shaw
CEO at ExactTrak Ltd

Inngot in 100 seconds video

Inngot in 100 seconds: The value of Intellectual Property

Inngot - Customer insights

Inngot - Customer insights

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