Our online platform is the simplest, most affordable way to identify and value intellectual property and intangible assets.

Continuously refined since its launch in 2009, our unique toolkit has helped thousands of companies all over the world understand the true extent of their IP, identify risks and opportunities, and unlock its hidden value. These insights enable them to raise funding for growth, sell, license or transfer their IP, and manage their most important business assets more effectively.

Create Goldseam® IP profiles free of charge; value assets you’ve discovered from just £495 (ex VAT) with Sollomon®; get an Appraise diagnostic report for £95 (ex VAT)

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‘The IP valuation process helped us identify, understand and commercialise intangible assets which, properly used, are adding extra value to our business.’

Peter Howarth - British Corner Shop

‘I don’t know any other company that provides a service like this – it definitely helped bring our attention to certain parts of our IP and intangible portfolio.’

Marcel Fowler - New Motion Labs

‘The first time we used Inngot’s tools, we wanted to see what the platform’s IP value was, as we were seeking investment into the company at that time. Later, we also valued three other separate software solutions.’

Dave Wilson - Engage Works

‘To have this Sollomon report in terms of your introduction to IP is really useful. It’s a very sophisticated tool and I can appreciate how much work went into it to be able to create what the Inngot team have created.’

Jurga Zilinskiene MBE - Guildhawk

‘The Sollomon valuation was pivotal to our negotiations. When it was presented to the potential shareholders, it immediately took away a lot of the haggling.’

Norman Shaw - ExactTrak

‘It’s very useful to have a third party, quick and easy system that’s fairly transparent to enable us to get a valuation on probably the company’s
biggest asset: its IP.’

Peter Brewin - Concrete Canvas

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