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Our FREE Goldseam® IP profiling tool takes you through your IP and intangible assets step-by-step

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Create an IP profile - Goldseam for IP finance

Easily identify and map your hidden intellectual property

Goldseam is the best way to document the IP rights you know you have, and discover the many other intangibles you may never have considered

Goldseam combines instant access to national and international records on patents and trade marks with a unique intangible asset discovery system which makes creating your IP portfolio as easy as 'drag and drop'.

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Become an IP superstar with Goldseam

Inngot's Goldseam tool has been steadily refined since its launch in 2009

The online tool guides you through identifying all of your IP and intangibles step by step, whether you are new to IP or an expert.

It helps you quickly and easily identify more than 80 different types of intangible assets that your organisation owns and uses, enabling you to manage them more effectively.

Our online toolkit provides every intellectual asset identified on our system with a short, clear, business-friendly description, so you can easily determine which ones are applicable to you.

Uncover IP you didn't even know you owned.

Available all around the world

Our unique, tried and tested online profiling system works for all assets, in all countries

Use it to identify all the assets you own in six categories, and create a free shareable report of your own ‘IP inventory’ – all in just 15 to 20 minutes.

Discover what really makes your business tick

Goldseam has been developed over the last 13 years and is trusted by major banks, investors, business advisors and innovation hubs as the gold standard in IP profiling

Registered rights

Including patents, trade marks, design rights, geographical indicators and other registerable rights


Including software and apps, database designs, websites, processes, employee handbooks


Including software licences, subscriptions, service and support arrangements, supply, chains, partnerships, customer orders


Including trade secrets, proprietary data, third party data, know-how, unregistered trade marks


Including customer and market knowledge, influencers, social media followers, customer loyalty


Including customer reviews, permissions, company accreditation, regulatory approval, grant or tax credit receipts

Create an overview of all of your IP

Create an overview of all your IP

not just the assets you can account for or register

Get a detailed understanding of your IP

Get a detailed understanding

of the many different forms of copyright and wider non-physical assets in your business

Show the breadth and depth of your IP

Show breadth and depth

of your asset base to current and future stakeholders

Create an IP profile - Goldseam for IP finance

Use your Goldseam profile

as the basis for a Sollomon® IP valuation or Appraise™ report

Revisit and update your IP profile

Revisit and update

your Goldseam profile to ensure your IP profile is always current and relevant


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