Quantify and account for all IP and intangible assets in a business sale

Transactions require the full scope of the assets within a company and what they are worth

Establish an accurate market price including all IP and intangible assets

Inngot are experts in intellectual property and intangibles with a wealth of experience of IP in business sales and acquisitions

Inngot experts are able to support the transaction with a full understanding of the IP and intangibles within the business

Sell or buy an IP-rich business

Account for IP and intangibles in business sales or acquisitions

Intellectual property and intangible assets are the non-physical property of a business and don’t usually show on the balance sheet under normal accounting rules

In the 21st century, IP and intangibles account for up to 90% of a company's market value. To be able to include IP in a business valuation, you need to know exactly what IP the business owns, its rights to it and its true value.

Inngot’s IP toolkit makes identifying and valuing IP simple, quick and affordable for all companies. Our experts can support with custom IP solutions for complex situations or diverse portfolios to ensure all IP is properly accounted for in a sale or acquisition.

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Value your IP for a business sale with Inngot

Inngot’s skilled team has real-world experience in launching, growing and exiting IP rich companies

Benefit from 100+ years of combined know-how, with specific expertise in business support, IP management, protection and commercialisation.

Our online toolkit and expertise in IP-rich business sales and purchases have been instrumental in transactions all around the world.

Get started using our online tools or speak to us to discuss your transaction.

Identify and value IP before acquisition as part of due dilligence

Accounting for IP in a business purchase allows you to make an informed decision

Accurately documenting and valuing the IP within a business leaves you better equipped to make an informed decision and close the deal with a sense of certainty.

Our online toolkit and custom IP services make identifying and valuing IP within a business acquisition simple and timely.

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Trusted by thousands of companies

Inngot’s tools and services have supported thousands of businesses, from start-up companies to multinationals

We are a principal delivery partner for the UK IPO IP Audits Plus and IP Access schemes, as well as for the Advanced Propulsion Centre.

We also work closely with organisations including Innovate UK EDGE, the Welsh Government and Scottish Enterprise.

Inngot are leading the way in IP solutions around the world. Benefit from years of experience and ensure you have satisfied due diligence.

Tools and services to support IP-rich business transactions

Utilise our online toolkit and custom services to get a detailed understanding of your IP and intangibles


1. Discover your IP and intangibles for FREE

Identify and uncover your IP with Goldseam®

Inngot’s FREE online tool Goldseam is the fastest and easiest way to identify, describe and document your company's IP rights and other identifiable intangibles.

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Inngot Sollomon IP valuation report for IP finance
Value your Intellectual property for IP finance or investment with Sollomon - Inngots unique IP valuation tool


2. Easily value your IP and intangibles

Generate an instant IP valuation report

Our unique online tool Sollomon® allows you to value your IP at a fraction of the cost of traditional IP valuations in line with recognised international standards.

Fully integrated with Goldseam, Sollomon is simple and intuitive for any trading business to use.


3. Get a custom IP valuation

A custom valuation from an IP expert

For many businesses, our online Sollomon® tool is the ideal choice, especially when seeking debt finance. Our custom valuation service comes into its own in more complex situations:

  • Your IP or your company is at an early stage of development
  • Your portfolio is particularly large or diverse
  • Your organisational structure is more involved
  • Your market applications are still being determined
  • You are contemplating a transaction that is specialist in nature
  • A specialist investor requires it as part of their due diligence
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4. Get a custom in-depth audit

An audit from Inngot will provide an in-depth review of all your IP and intangible assets

Take stock of all the IP and intangibles your organisation has accumulated, evaluate current asset management and protection strategies and, crucially, identify ways in which those mechanisms can be developed to minimise risk and maximise economic potential.


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