Account for IP and intangibles in business transactions

Understand the role that your IP could play in a range of situations

Types of transactions

IP is important in a wide range of business processes

Transfer IP

Account for IP when transferring it from a founder to a company, between companies or into spin-outs

Advise estate planning and probate

Plan and protect IP to account for succession and tax issues

Inform share allocations for start-ups

Allocate shares fairly between founders based on their involvement and contribution in creating IP

Value IP for tax

Get a valuation for IP to account for potential tax issues when transferring or selling it

Value IP for insolvency

Get a valuation of IP a company owns to assist in the insolvency or recovery process

University spin-outs

Allocate shares and ownership of IP when launching new business ventures resulting from academic research

Evaluate exit options

Identify and value IP to plan exit strategies


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