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Good IP makes the best security in the Information Age

The SME lending world is changing - fast. As the global economy is driven more and more by technology and innovation, smart banks are realising they need to change the way they lend in order to recognise the winners of tomorrow.

Tangible assets have been eclipsed by intangibles which can’t be seen or touched. They have a limited balance sheet footprint, if any. Lenders need assistance to understand what assets exist, who owns them, whether they contribute to business value, and how much they are worth.

Increasingly, the key question is whether a company’s IP and intangibles make good security to support a loan. If so, then more debt can be made available, at an earlier stage in a company’s development.

IP based lending - Raise finance

Inngot has developed a unique, ground-breaking new platform to assess intangible assets as collateral; not just considering business value, but whether that collateral is truly separable, and if it will prove to be saleable in the event that it needs to be called in. We also monitor the IP for threats and opportunities throughout the loan life.

We already have 10 years’ experience in helping lenders explore the potential of IP-based finance. If you want to galvanise your SME lending and develop an innovative segment supporting the companies with the best prospects for growth, we have the tools to make that a reality.

Business man purchasing an IP-rich business-min


IP and intangibles are indicators of future value and strength

Sophisticated investors understand that companies with strong IP and intangible assets are good candidates for equity funding. Since 2010, Inngot has been working with individual and corporate investors to help them investigate potential investment and acquisition targets using our tools and services.

The only substance found in many early-stage companies is their IP and intangibles. So investors have to find ways to understand what these are, how well they are being managed and protected, and whether the business has a suitable and credible long-term IP strategy. That’s where Inngot, backed by years of experience of valuing IP and advising IP owners on monetisation strategies, comes in.

Accelerators and innovation programmes

The UK has a vibrant IP-focused business and financial support network for start-ups, scaleups, SMEs and innovative companies of all sizes. Inngot works with advisory bodies at all levels, including Innovate UK, Innovate UK EDGE and its local delivery partners, industry-specific bodies such as the APC, Government agencies like the IPO, Local Enterprise Partnerships and Business IP Centres.

Catapult, Accelerator, LEP, Innovation Hub – if you are an organisation supporting innovative companies, our tools and our services can help you give your clients the information and knowledge they need to understand, identify, value, better manage and monetise the IP and intangibles they have, and to create effective strategies for building new IP and intangibles!

Business innovation programme Inngot partners
Business advisors and consultants Inngot partners for IP finance

Business advisors

Unlocking the door to growth through better IP support

Inngot has a long and successful track record of working with a range of business advisors, including accountants, law firms, IP experts, and tax experts.

If you advise innovative companies, then our tools and our services can help. We can dig up the information and knowledge your clients need to understand, identify, value, better manage and monetise the IP and intangibles they have, and to create effective strategies for creating and exploiting new IP and intangibles!

We have supported advisors working with clients on a range of issues, including tax and transfer pricing, R&D costs, estate planning and probate, IP strategy, selling, buying and licensing IP, and collaborations and spin-outs. 


IP commercialisation support for universities and research institutes

The Inngot team has extensive experience in advising the knowledge base on how to identify, protect and commercialise the IP that has been created through R&D. This includes IP generated by staff, students and collaborative partnerships – where the ownership position can become complex.

As well as advice on licensing strategies, Inngot has conducted many successful assignments for university spin-offs and spin-outs, supporting launch strategies, identifying technology and IP value, and helping to identify funding partners. We have also helped R&D-intensive departments create effective IP management policies.

Woman lecturing students in a university lecture theatre
World Intellectual Property Organization WIPO in Geneva, Switzerland - HDR

Government and NGOs

Making better informed policy choices

Since its inception, Inngot has been engaged in IP policy research, using quantitative and qualitative techniques to investigate critical economic issues. We have specialised in helping national and international agencies determine how IP is (and is not) identified and accounted for, how it can be leveraged for finance, and whether law and regulation are keeping pace with digital technology.

We live in a world where businesses invest one-third more in ‘soft’ intangibles than they do in ‘hard’ tangibles; where up to 90% of listed US company value is no longer attributable to physical assets on the balance sheet; where between 30-40% of business sale values are routinely attributed to identifiable intangibles (before considering goodwill); and where IP licensing incomes in growth economies are rising by billions of dollars per annum (sources: Imperial College/IPO, Ocean Tomo, Deloitte/KPMG, World Bank).

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