Zak mobility (Sam Pearce Design) Inngot case study

The challenge.

ZM’s new technology incorporates some IP developed by another company set up by Sam and Gemma Pearce, Loopwheels, which uses a version of the in-wheel suspension concept for wheelchairs. ZM needed help on identifying and then separating the intellectual property and intangible assets belonging to each company, followed by advice on how to strategically manage both existing and new IP being created by ZM, and on leveraging the value of these new ideas.

The solution.

ZM was introduced to Inngot and its online platform for IP identification and valuation through TDAP – Inngot has been a TDAP delivery partner, advising participants on their IP and intangible assets, since 2018.

As part of TDAP, ZM used Inngot’s Goldseam IP identification tool to create a profile of all its intangibles, and then Inngot’s Appraise IP diagnostic tool to create an action plan for managing its intangibles portfolio. ZM then commissioned a bespoke IP valuation from Inngot, focusing on its innovative combination in-wheel suspension and motorised hub concept.

Gemma Pearce, co-founder and director of Zak Mobility, says: “Inngot helped us clarify and separate the IP and intangible assets of both our companies, as well as identify some steps we should take, such as registering trade marks.”

In addition, Inngot suggested ZM’s new technology could be used in a much wider range of wheeled vehicles than ZM had originally been focusing on.

Gemma Pearce - Sam Pearce Designs

The Inngot IP valuation for Zak Mobility was very useful. It gave us confidence while planning our pitches to potential investors, which have been very successful. Once we move to the due diligence stage, we plan to share the Inngot document as part of that process.”

We’ve got experience filing for patents and designs, and we found it very easy to use Inngot’s tools.

The result.

ZM used the reports from Goldseam and Appraise to identify and address a range of issues around strategic IP management and development. ZM then used the IP valuation to revise business plans and forecasts to include new potential markets. The bespoke Inngot valuation also helped plan pitches to investors and ZM expects to complete its first investment round shortly.