UK IPO Hidden Value report co-authored by Inngot CEO

September 27, 2017

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An authoritative new report investigates why comparatively few companies routinely examine the financial value of their intellectual property and intangible assets and try to use them in raising funds. The UK IPO Hidden Value report has been co-authored by Inngot CEO Martin Brassell and Dr Jackie Maguire of Firm Advantage, formerly CEO of Coller IP Management.

The 140 page report explores why companies do not consider the hidden financial value of their intangible assets and particularly intellectual property (IP) on a more routine basis. It aims to increase awareness and understanding of the business benefits from valuing and effectively managing intellectual property.

The report focuses on four key aspects of the UK market for IP valuation:

  • The market structure: who the main participants are, and how they interact;
  • The drivers of behaviour: what motivates companies to value their IP;
  • Barriers to more efficient functioning of the market: what limits engagement with the valuation market;
  • Potential solutions to overcome these barriers.

Additionally three related aspects of the market were also examined, with reference to international benchmarks and recognised best practice:

  • The extent of IP valuation activity in the UK;
  • Whether common and consistent IP valuation methods and approaches are being applied;
  • Whether the market is working effectively from a competition prospective

The report concludes that there is room for further education and additional incentives, including more focus on lending and investment, and sets out the need for dialogue between agencies, accounting and industry bodies on ways to introduce voluntary IP statements.

The The UK IPO Hidden Value report main recommendations are:

  • Highlighting the benefits to business of valuing IP through case studies;
  • Extending UK IPO's finance toolkit to include an open directory of IP valuers and their specialisms;
  • Introducing a UK IPO outreach programme of education and incentives, targeted individually for businesses and intermediaries;
  • Conducting further research to gain more understanding;
  • Initiating dialogue between UK IPO, accounting and industry bodies.

Follow this link for access to the full report.

Inngot offers a suite of online tools to help innovative businesses identify, manage and value Intellectual Property and intangible assets. In addition to its IP valuation tools, Inngot contributes to the international debate on how best to help SMEs in particular uncover and leverage the value locked up in their IP and intangible assets and offers bespoke IP valuation and technology valuation services.

In addition to the Hidden Value report, Martin Brassell has also co-authored Economic Approaches to Intellectual Property, with Dr Nicola Searle (OUP, 2016), and other reports and publications for the UK IPO and the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA), amongst others.

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