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December 18, 2017

Company News

Inngot’s online Sollomon Intellectual Property (IP) valuations identify the value in IP and intangible assets. In a few short weeks’ companies in the Creative & Media, Software, Biotech and many more have unlocked more than £30 million of value in their IP.

These valuations have assisted companies with negotiations for funding, sales and licensing of IP using the widely recognised and respected ‘relief from royalty’ approach to IP valuation built with specialist input from Grant Thornton LLP.

With a grand total of £404,226,412 of IP value found, Inngot’s Sollomon tools have proven invaluable in the negotiation of funding. Our customers have gained instant insight of the value of their intangible assets and can further develop their IP with strategy suggestions with our unique Appraise tool.

Valuations are £350 + VAT and include a review by one of our specialists. Steve Skill recently used the tool when looking for access to equity funding, and said that following the valuation more doors are opening – he said the valuation “sheds light from a professional perspective on your IP, you can go to the negotiation table and negotiate with confidence”.

We are delighted to be helping businesses identify the hidden value of their IP, assisting them to secure funding, negotiate sales and work on their IP strategy. The next few months will see our tools expand and grow to enhance the experience for our Customers and we are excited to share this with you.

Inngot’s ground-breaking Intellectual Property (IP) profiling tool has just become even easier. The introduction of a patent lookup in Goldseam means that instead of individually entering patents into the profiling system, entering one number will allow you to select others instantly from its family.

Inngot’s profiling system is designed to allow you to uncover your intangible assets in 15 to 30 minutes. The introduction of patent lookup could make this even quicker. Once you’ve entered all your data, you will be provided with an intangible asset register, a welcome addition to your company’s business plan and documents, detailing the assets which you cannot trust.

How it works

Entering your patent number including country prefix automatically displays the entire patent family if applicable, it also finds all relevant information and displays if the Patent is live, you can then select those relevant to the innovation/company you wish to value.

Valuing your IP

Goldseam’s profiling system is the first step to uncovering the hidden IP value of your innovation or company. After completing your Goldseam profile a few further questions about an IP’s financials and related information you will receive an indicative valuation. Over 80% of your company value could be in your IP and with a Sollomon certificate you will be able to demonstrate this intangible value.

An integral part of your IP strategy is registered rights and we know that companies can have a large IP portfolio. Inngot’s new Patent Lookup provides a quick and easy way to enter all the registered rights applicable to an IP.

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