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The Goldseam Profiling Tool

Our unique, tried and tested online profiling system works for all countries.
Use it to identify all the assets you own in six categories, and create a free sharable report of your own ‘IP inventory’ – all in just 15 to 20 minutes.

Development stage: pick the step that best describes the level of maturity of the product, service or concept you’re investigating.

Know-How: bring out your capabilities using our library of technologies and skills, organised into knowledge ‘families’.

Benefits: express your unique selling points by selecting from Goldseam’s three categories of advantages.

Target markets: describe the sectors you sell to, using 20 interlocking categories, and refine using sub-sectors as needed.

Registered rights: record your patents, trade marks and/or designs (domestic and international) – we have online look-up facilities to assist you.

Intellectual assets: define your unregistered intangible assets in five categories – copyright, contracts, internal resources, external relationships and third party endorsements.

Sollomon indicative valuation tool

A world first, Sollomon provides a consistent, standardised indicator of IP value using three different valuation approaches – relief from royalty, reproduction cost, and amortised cost – so you can see what really drives company value

For only £495 (+VAT), Sollomon can help you:

  • Prepare your business for equity investment
  • Sell or license your IP, or knowledge-based products and services that contain it
  • Use your IP and intangibles as security for debt finance
  • Work out the implications of transferring your assets
  • Evaluate your exit options

The Sollomon valuation system is multi-currency. As well as the UK and Ireland, it is currently optimised for Australia, Canada, India, Kenya, Malaysia, New Zealand, Norway, Portugal, Russia, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, Thailand and the US. Contact us if you want to conduct a valuation but are based in another country.

Sollomon valuations are subject to terms and conditions.

Sollomon is fully integrated with Inngot’s Goldseam profiling system. Once you have identified your IP, you can value it by entering financials from your business plan and historical accounts. Your valuation report will be generated instantly.

Our head office team will review your inputs and come back to you promptly with any revisions needed to produce the most representative final result.

Sollomon combines the most widely-used approaches for valuing IP and intangible assets (based on International Valuation Standards): the relief from royalty method, based on licensing principles, and two cost-based methods – reproduction cost and amortised cost.

These approaches uncover both your IP’s economic potential and the value of your investment to date.

If our tools aren’t quite what you’re looking for, then check out our range of customised IP services.

Appraise: your IP Action Plan

Our ground-breaking Appraise diagnostic tool analyses the contents of your profile and generates a customised interactive checklist, highlighting risks and opportunities and providing you with essential information to help you strengthen your IP protection.

Appraise is our online IP diagnostic tool. It provides an interactive action plan, personalised to the contents of your profile. Created by the Inngot team, it’s based on over 50 years’ combined, hands-on experience in managing and commercialising IP.

Our feedback comes in three varieties:

Potential risks associated with your assets which may require your attention.

Tips on how to make your IP stronger or more commercially attractive.

Other information you need to know, to help you consider your options.

Whilst we know a lot about IP law, Inngot specialises in the commercial aspects. We won’t write your patents or register your trade marks (there are lots of good firms who can do that).

We focus on helping you work out how to reduce risk and maximise your IP and intangible asset value.

The Appraise Action Plan is currently optimised for the UK. If you need something even more personalised, we can provide UK customers with an IP audit

Get your Appraise IP Action Plan for just £95 +VAT*

*VAT charged where applicable. Rates vary by country


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