New Motion Labs - Steve & Marcel

The challenge.

NML needed to focus on understanding the full range of its IP and intangible assets to better protect and manage these.

The solution.

Marcel Fowler, NML’s CIO and Founder, used Inngot’s Goldseam tool to catalogue its IP and intangible assets, and then the Appraise tool to generate an Action Plan flagging up potential IP issues which the company needed to address.

New Motion Labs Team Picture

The result.

Inngot’s tools highlighted potentially valuable areas of the company’s IP and intangibles which could be better protected, in particular through registering new trade marks. Through using Inngot’s tools, NML were able to understand and develop products for the most relevant markets for their applications. NML has now moved on from developing and validating technologies and products through in-depth discussions with a wide range of potential end customers, to manufacturing and distributing these across multiple markets.

Inngot's suite of online tools are very useful if you’re starting a business and trying to evaluate your IP. I don’t know any other company that provides a service like this and I would recommend it. It definitely helped bring our attention to certain parts of our IP and intangible portfolio, and I will be talking to my patent lawyer about trademarks and other issues.