Guildhawk Inngot Case study

The challenge.

Jurga needed to understand what IP and intangible assets the company owned and what their value was, not just to help in fundraising, but also to inform long-term strategic decisions on restructuring the company and identifying and servicing new markets.

The solution.

Guildhawk has now used Inngot’s online toolkit twice, in 2013 and again in 2018. While conducting the second valuation, Jurga realised that there were a number of issues relating to IP and intangible assets which needed more in-depth examination, so she then asked Inngot to carry out an in-depth bespoke IP audit, which was delivered by Inngot’s Dr Alison Orr. Jurga says: “The bespoke report helped in the end to make decisions in terms of the corporate structure; where we should place our IP assets; where do they have the most value, inside the business, outside the business, and so forth. It was the most thorough audit I’ve ever had. It was very comprehensive, covered so many different areas, and was detailed and very well analysed.”

Sollomon Lozenge
IP audit Lozenge
Jurga Zilinskiene MBE Ian Miller MBE and Patrick Rarden MBE of Guildhawk in London

The result.

Both the second Sollomon valuation and the IP audit helped Guildhawk secure funding. The IP valuations and the bespoke analysis have been used both to raise finance and to inform a major restructuring of the business based around changing how it managed its portfolio of IP and intangible assets. Jurga concludes: “The Inngot report helped us to secure funding. We were able to show people something which is an impartial evaluation of what we have as a business. What it also helped us to do was discover more value hidden in our organisation and validate it.”

To have this Sollomon report in terms of your introduction to IP is really useful. It’s a very sophisticated tool and I can appreciate how much work is involved in creating what the Inngot team have created. I also think that the support and customer service have been great.