Identifying your IP and intangible assets is the first step towards the management of your IP. But just how valuable is it?

Prospect IP and Inngot have teamed up to provide companies with the tools to identify and evaluate your IP assets. Enter your special user code, as provided by Prospect IP, to access the tools at the price of KSh 55,000.

This provides you with access to two of Inngot’s innovative online tools:

  • First, our online profiling system, which helps you build a comprehensive inventory of all the types of IP and intangible asset you own, in around 15-20 minutes. View a sample profile here
  • Second,our indicative valuation tool, which uses your Inngot profile, accounts and business plan to provide you with a detailed report showing how much your assets are worth, using the well-established ‘relief from royalty’ method. View a sample report here.

Inngot’s Sollomon reports are the most cost-effective way to get a good idea of what your most valuable assets are worth. They make the ideal ‘conversation starter’, because they are independent and impartial.

They have now helped hundreds of companies to obtain equity funding, secure debt finance, negotiate successful licensing deals, sell and acquire businesses, and obtain strategic insights.

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