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Inngot wins IPO UK contract to help train Government departments about IP value

Blog post - Inngot wins IPO UK contract to help train Government departments about IP value

Inngot, the Swansea-based IP identification and valuation experts, has been appointed by the UK’s Intellectual Property Office to help with training UK government departments in IP issues, after a competitive tender process.

The IPO has been tasked with delivering a cross-government IP training package and creating a network of Civil Service IP experts to improve cross-government IP capability. This builds on a 2018 HM Treasury report, Getting smart about intellectual property and intangible assets, and its follow-up Getting smarter: a strategy for knowledge & innovation assets in the public sector, otherwise known as The Mackintosh Report, published in 2021.

These reports identified a number of key issues, including the need to ensure that valuable IP and intangibles created with public funds should be better monetised.

As part of the IPO’s Government IP Education and Awareness Raising Programme, Inngot will be working on three e-learning-based, multi-media modules. One will cover IP valuation, the second IP in contracts and licensing and the third IP in commercialisation.

Many government agencies are rich in data and knowledge assets, as outlined in the HM Treasury reports, which included a case study on the UK Hydrographic Office. Inngot has been working with the UKHO on IP-related projects since 2019.

Inngot will be sub-contracting the production of a series of animations covering key IP issues to Red Beetle Films, an award-winning film company based near Cardiff which was set up by two senior ex IPO staff members who worked on the IPO’s IP Basics training materials for UK companies.

The Inngot team, led by CEO and co-founder Martin Brassell, has worked on a number of major reports for NGOs, national IP offices, and government departments around the world over the past 15 years. The company is a recognised leader in research and policy advice around the subject of IP-based finance and IP monetisation.

Publications include the Hidden Value: A study of the UK IP valuation market (2017) and Banking on IP (2013) reports for the UK’s Intellectual Property Office; Accounting for innovation (2016) and Innovation, intangibles and integrated reporting (2015), co-authored with the UK’s innovation charity, Nesta, published by the ACCA; and Fostering the use of intangibles to strengthen SME access to finance (2019) and Secured lending for SMEs (2022), commissioned by the OECD.

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