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PatSnap publishes annual review of IP industry, with contribution from Inngot

Patent information services provider PatSnap has just published its latest annual survey on the state of the IP industry, entitled Uncovering the Future of IP in a Tech-Driven World.

You can download it here:

Based on a survey of PatSnap’s users, it includes commentary on:

✔️ The current state of intellectual property
✔️ IP investments
✔️ The role of intellectual property in the tech innovation lifecycle
✔️ How IP inspires tech innovation
✔️ Insights on intellectual property from China
✔️ Global examples of best practices in IP

It features an interview with Inngot CEO Martin Brassell, who provides some insights into how IP and intangibles assets (not just patents, but all of them!) are increasingly being used to create competitive advantage and to raise finance – including the use of IP and intangibles as collateral for bank lending.

Martin has previously worked with Academy by PatSnap to create a training course, How to Use IP to Raise Finance, which explains what IP-backed finance is all about, and can be accessed here:

The latest PatSnap report also includes interviews with key executives at client patent-owning companies, and some very informative charts and tables. While the vast majority of the respondents to the survey own patents, very few of them do not own other registered IP, or intangible assets including trade secrets.


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