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Until today, lenders haven't been able to give your IP credit as they could not easily value it

That’s all changing with IP-based lending

The Inngot online toolkit makes it simple, fast and affordable to map and value your IP so banks can lend against it - raise the funds you need!

We can also provide introductions to approved IP-based lenders

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Finance partners

Jurga Zilinskiene MBE
Jurga Zilinskiene MBEFounder & CEO - Guildhawk
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To have this Sollomon report in terms of your introduction to IP is really useful. It’s a very sophisticated tool and I can appreciate how much work went into it to be able to create what the Inngot team have created. But also the customer service and support have been great.
Gemma Pearce
Gemma PearceFounder & Director - Sam Pearce Design
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The Inngot IP valuation for Sam Pearce Design was very useful. It gave us confidence while planning our pitches to potential investors, which have been very successful. Once we move to the due diligence stage, we plan to share the Inngot document as part of that process.
Peter Howarth
Peter HowarthTechnical & Marketing Director - British Corner Shop
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We’re a business with no fixed assets, but a lot of IP in our database and other intangibles, like supplier relationships. The idea of using IP-based finance was new to us – it wasn’t on our radar until HSBC suggested it, but we very quickly switched on to it when they brought it up.​
Alenka Zema
Alenka ZemaManager of IP and Grant-Funded Projects - LiNa Energy
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We use Inngot’s IP audit a lot. Since getting Inngot’s audit, we have filed for a trade mark, we have implemented a trade secrets register and policy, we’ve created an IP strategy, and I have been appointed IP manager for the company. Inngot gave us professional advice and training to do all that.
Marcel Fowler
Marcel FowlerFounder and CEO - New Motion Labs
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The tools are very useful if you’re starting a business and trying to evaluate your IP. I don’t know any other company that provides a service like this and I would recommend it. It definitely helped bring our attention to certain parts of our IP and intangible portfolio.
James Fisher
James FisherDesign Engineering Manager - Max Power
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As our US parent company has been established 10 years and has a solid and well-protected patent portfolio, we’re in a good position on that front. Where the IP really helped was on trade marks – it identified the fact that we can file for trade marks in the UK and Europe that we can’t get in the US yet – and on trade secrets.
Willem Van den Berg
Willem Van den BergChief Financial Officer - Stream
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We conducted the valuation because BDO is helping us set up a new international corporate structure, carving Stream out from VAT IT Group. We needed to find out exactly what the IP relating to Stream was and what it might be worth so the new company could buy it.
Ross Robertson
Ross RobertsonPartner/International tax - BDO
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BDO has worked with Inngot in a number of circumstances, and has found that the platform for valuing IP is a great support to businesses that need an understanding of the value of their IP for commercial purposes. The team are insightful and easy to work with, providing pragmatic, clear, high quality output at a reasonable price.
The three steps to IP lending
Create an IP profile - Goldseam

Identify & document your IP

Uncover all the IP you own using our FREE online tool Goldseam


Value your IP & intangibles

Accurately quantify and demonstrate the true value of your IP using our online tool Sollomon

Raise IP based finance

Raise IP based finance

Use your approved IP valuation  in finance applications with lenders, or use it to enhance investment pitches and strengthen negotiations


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What is IP-based lending?

Your IP and intangibles assets are valuable, and IP-based lending allows you to use that value as collateral to get the funds your company needs

IP-based lending secures the loan using the value in your intellectual property and intangible assets as an alternative to physical collateral or personal guarantees.

The real appeal for IP-rich companies is that you can use your IP to get funds, rather than giving aware shares in your company.

More and more lenders are making IP-lending part of their asset financing offerings. Lenders know that companies with strong IP make good lending prospects.

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How does IP-based lending work?

Generally, a lender will take a charge or a pledge over the IP in question, although some prefer a sale and license or lease-back arrangement

The kind of deals on offer from lenders can vary widely, depending on their chosen lending product and the rules that apply in different countries.

Companies wanting to take advantage of IP-based lending will need to be able to show the value of their IP to their day-to-day operations.

Inngot’s IP toolkit makes identifying and valuing IP simple and affordable for all businesses and is accepted by leading lenders as the ‘gold standard’ in IP valuation.

WIPO and Intangible Asset Finance:

Moving Intangible Asset Finance from the Margins to the Mainstream

World intellectual poperty office - Moving Intangible Asset Finance from the Margins to the Mainstream

Who can apply for an IP-based loan?

Companies with IP and intangibles that are genuinely core to income streams can apply for an IP-based loan

If you can answer yes to some of these qualifying questions an IP-based loan might be the solution for you:

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HSBC Growth Lending

Helping Scale-ups grow

UK scale-ups are the fastest growth area in the economy, contributing 33% of GDP, according to the ONS. We estimate that 30% of these are tech firms and we want to help them grow.

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HSBC Growth Lending

Amount: Our Growth Lending is a new £250m pool of assets to support high-growth, loss-making tech scale-ups that are supported by strong equity backing, have a proven sales track record, and a clear path to profitability.

Targets: Technology-driven growth businesses

Preferred report: Sollomon

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Inngot’s Sollomon® valuation reports are used by banks and lenders as validation of IP value in the lending process

The value of most businesses is in the intellectual property and intangible assets (IP) that you create and own.

Our dedicated experts have 100+ years of combined experience, with expertise in business support, IP management, protection, and commercialisation gained from scaling and advising IP-rich businesses and academia.

Unlock the value in your IP!

Quick answers

The main requirement is that your IP needs to be in use, supporting current sales of products or services. The types of IP that are eligible vary according to the lender’s policies, but generally it isn’t necessary for you to have granted or pending patents – trade marks, designs, revenue-producing copyright materials and even trade secrets may all be acceptable.

Bank loans often include a security interest (a charge) over your IP and intangible assets. The difference with IP-based finance is that the lender gives active consideration to the strength, importance and value of these assets when determining whether you offer you a loan, and how much. As these things can’t be determined from your accounts, specialist assessment and valuation is required, which is our speciality.

The number of lenders that are taking an interest in IP is growing all the time. Give us a call or send us an e-mail telling us who you currently bank with, and we’ll advise the status of your lender.

Inngot is the only company to have built online systems that specifically deal with lender requirements. Our profiling, assessment and valuation reports give lenders all the key information they need in a consistent, convenient format, and none of the ‘flab’ they don’t. We don’t presume to tell banks how to do their job; instead, we facilitate the IP-specific aspects, highlighting areas that may need further investigation, and pinpointing any assets that can be used as security.

To apply for an IP-based loan, you need to be able to explain what IP you own, why it might make good security for lending, and how much it is worth. Inngot is not a finance provider or broker; our role is to provide a standardised, consistent methods of profiling, assessment and valuation to produce all the reports you will need to share with a prospective lender.

Yes, of course! You can call us on +(44) 333 800 8090, book a call or email us via our contact page.

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Tools to help you secure IP finance

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1. Discover your IP and intangibles for FREE

Identify and uncover your IP with Goldseam®

Inngot’s FREE online tool Goldseam is the fastest and easiest way to identify, describe and document your company's IP rights and other identifiable intangibles.

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2. Easily value your IP and intangibles

Generate an instant IP valuation report

Our unique online tool Sollomon® allows you to value your IP at a fraction of the cost of traditional IP valuations in line with recognised international standards.

Fully integrated with Goldseam, Sollomon is simple and intuitive for any trading business to use.


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