Inngot IP valuation tools support IP lending by HSBC

November 7, 2018

Company News

Inngot’s cost-effective internet-based IP valuation tools recently helped software group EAMS Group gain financing from HSBC UK, through the first use of the bank’s IP Lending Proposition.

EAMS secured a £700,000 finance package from HSBC, which will be used to expand its workforce and assist in the acquisition of Serbian software business Inspiresoft. EAMS provides enterprise asset management software solutions to organisations in the transport sector all around the world, with offices in London, New York, San Francisco and Sydney.

To help identify companies with truly innovative technology, HSBC is now taking an active interest in intellectual property, seen by many as the currency of the knowledge economy. The new IP Lending Proposition makes use of Inngot’s unique valuation process to provide cash flow-based lending that is backed by the value of a company’s intangible assets. This is particularly well suited to growth companies like EAMS, whose assets are primarily software-based rather than physical.

Laura Murray, HSBC UK’s area director for corporate banking in East London and Canary Wharf praised the new scheme, saying: “We are delighted to have used our new Intellectual Property Lending Proposition to enable us to support such an ambitious research and development start-up on its journey to expansion.” Lenders increasingly appreciate that IP-based companies contain significant hidden value that is not reflected in their accounts. More, like HSBC, are taking measures to uncover that value, to understand it and provide finance to allow those companies to develop.

Inngot offers a suite of online tools to help innovative businesses identify, manage and value Intellectual Property and intangible assets. In addition to its IP valuation tools, it contributes to the international debate on how best to help SMEs in particular uncover and leverage the value locked up in their IP and intangible assets and offers bespoke IP valuation and technology valuation services.

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