Inngot’s Dr Alison Orr presents at UK IPO Masterclass

September 14, 2021

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Inngot expert Dr Alison Orr is again delivering a module on IP commercialisation as part of the IPO UK's regular IP Masterclasses (which are now delivered online, spread over a week). These classes aim to educate both companies and business advisors, from organisations such as Innovate UK Edge, about IP.

Alison's latest session for the UK IPO Masterclasses is this Thursday (September 16, 2021), and she will be exploring how companies can identify, protect, strategically manage and also (via our online tools) how they can get an indicative value for their IP and intangible assets.

Dr Alison Orr gained her BSc (Hons) Molecular Biology and D.Phil. Clinical Medicine from the Universities of Glasgow and Oxford. She is a part-qualified patent attorney, and worked in private practice before moving into the world of IP commercialisation.

She spent many years working on IP matters with the European Commission and other EU stakeholders as part of her role in the Enterprise Europe Network (now Innovate UK Edge in the UK) and also lectures in IP and international business at Sheffield Hallam University's Business School.

If you’re interested in finding out more about Inngot’s online IP valuation tools, click here.  and for details of our bespoke IP audits, IP valuations, tech evaluations and other IP services, click here.

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