Inngot to lead an IP valuation study for UK IPO

October 19, 2016

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The UK Intellectual Property Office has appointed innovative IP services company Inngot to lead an IP valuation study into how market participants interact, and how information barriers affect competition and engagement.

Inngot will be working with intellectual property experts Coller IP to conduct a detailed study of IP valuation markets and methodologies in the UK, using a combination of market mapping, desk research, demand and supply side interviews and surveys. It will also identify and discuss potential ways to address areas where the market is not seen to be working effectively. 

Martin Brassell, Inngot CEO and co-author of the 2013 Banking on IP report, will lead the project together with Jackie Maguire, Director of IP Strategy at Coller IP, who was a member of the Expert Group on IP Valuation convened by the European Commission. 

Martin Brassell said: “We’re delighted our appointment has been confirmed by UK IPO. Working with Coller IP on this project provides an opportunity to pool our expertise and resources to get to the heart of this important issue. Together with our colleagues in the industry, we look forward to formulating a detailed picture of the drivers and uses of IP valuation, and the circumstances that prevent more companies from valuing their intellectual assets, which we know will be of great interest to national and international audiences." 

The IPO chose Inngot to lead an IP valuation study for UK IPO based on the company's involvement in the development of IP valuation tools and methodologies and its thought-leadership position on the subject.

Inngot offers a suite of online tools to help innovative businesses identify, manage and value Intellectual Property and intangible assets. In addition to its IP valuation tools, Inngot contributes to the international debate on how best to help SMEs in particular uncover and leverage the value locked up in their IP and intangible assets and offers bespoke IP valuation and technology valuation services.

Martin Brassell has co-authored Economic Approaches to Intellectual Property, with Dr Nicola Searle (OUP, 2016), and reports and publications for the UK Intellectual Property Office (UK IPO) and the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA), amongst others.

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