Inngot takes part in IPO Masterclasses

October 20, 2021


Inngot expert Alison Orr is again delivering a module on IP commercialisation as part of the IPO UK's regular IP Masterclasses (which are currently being delivered online, spread over a week).

These classes aim to educate both companies and business advisors, from organisations such as Innovate UK Edge, Growth Hubs, Local Enterprise Partnerships, and BIPCs about IP and how to leverage its value for growth.

There are a range of funding packages available for IP audits and IP follow-up work – for example, the West of England Growth Hub has just announced funding of up to £8,000 for qualifying companies. Inngot has considerable experience of delivering IP audits and other IP services via such programmes.

Alison's latest session for the UK IPO Masterclasses is this Thursday (October 21, 2021).

She will be focusing on IP commercialisation, covering commercial aspects of IP This includes illustrating how IP creates value, when and how to value IP and its use in commercial activities, IP in collaborations and an interactive session to illustrate different commercial strategies that companies may follow during growth and how IP protection can be used to make them feasible or improve their effectiveness.

Inngot’s suite of online tools will also be used to help delegates understand what assets they or their clients have which should be protected using IP rights or commercial agreements, and appropriate IP management actions.

If you’re interested in finding out more about Inngot’s online IP valuation tools, click here. For details of our bespoke IP audits, IP valuations, tech evaluations and other IP services, click here.

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