Inngot participates in EEN IP webinar series

September 22, 2020

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Inngot is excited to be working with Enterprise Europe Network (EEN) on a four-part webinar series exploring how a company’s IP can generate new revenue streams and attract investors, and how innovation and R&D can help power businesses out of the COVID crisis. The webinars are part of EEN’s Innovate 2021 autumn event series on overcoming current challenges and building for growth.

The first webinar was today (September 22nd 2020); for further information on future webinars in the series, click on the links below.

IP valuation for fundraising: Turning intangible assets into finance, 22nd September  

IP valuation for licensing: Making your assets work harder, 29th September

IP valuation for collaboration: Seeing the value of your own contribution, 6th October

IP valuation for exit: Reaching the right price for your intangible assets, 13th October

The first event, IP valuation for Fundraising: Turning Intangible Assets into Finance, was aimed at helping businesses better understand how and when to leverage the value of their IP and intangible assets when raising finance or applying for funding.

Topics covered included the three main funding routes (debt, equity and grant funding); the ways different sources of finance will assess the value of a company’s IP and intangibles; and the importance of knowing and showing what IP and intangibles a company has.

This webinar was delivered by Inngot’s co-founder and CEO, Martin Brassell, who is a specialist in the use of intellectual property in finance and the identification, scoring and valuation processes needed to facilitate it.

Martin has worked extensively with banks, investors and policy makers across the UK, Europe and Asia to develop new approaches that recognise the importance of this asset class for business growth.

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