Fuse3 is one of the UK's most innovative alternative finance providers, able to help entrepreneurial companies harness the intellectual property they own to obtain the growth finance they need.

In order to find out whether your IP may be suitable for lending, or explore other funding options that may be open to you, Fuse3 is working with Inngot to help you generate a profile of all the intangible assets you own, together with a Sollomon® indicative valuation report to demonstrate the contribution these assets are making to your business.

Start by completing your profile, in less than 20 minutes. The only information you will need is the numbers and dates associated with any registered IP rights you may own, such as patents, trade marks or registered designs.

You can then enter financial data, and obtain your indicative valuation report instantly. For this part of the process, you’ll just need your current business plan in front of you, with forecasts for the current year and at least two further years, and your historical accounts.

Fuse3 will have provided you with a code to assist you starting ‘FUE' or ''FUA.
Please enter this when requested to ensure you receive our preferential pricing.

Inngot in 100 seconds: The value of Intellectual Property

Russell Lerman of Fuse3 talks to us about the importance
of the valuation when financing

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