Applying for the Coronavirus Business Interruption Loan Scheme (CBILS)? Our online IP profiling and valuation tools can help you demonstrate to lenders that your business is viable – at no charge.

Contact us by email at to get a discount code to access our offer*. We just need your name, company name and the name of your bank.

CBILS is one of several current UK government initiatives targeted at businesses impacted by coronavirus. While CBILS loans are 80% guaranteed, lenders still need to be satisfied that your business will be able to make future repayments.

If you’ve been investing in developing IP, the chances are this investment won’t be sufficiently reflected in your accounts. Your profits will probably be understated, and your balance sheet won’t look as strong as it should. 

Now, while the lockdown lasts, we are offering our IP profiling and valuation reports free of charge to all CBILS applicants, regardless of who they bank with, to help innovative businesses access the funding they need.

So if you need help with CBILS by  showing how your IP contributes real value to your ongoing viability, try our tools.

We can’t guarantee that our report will get you the funds you’re seeking. However, leading lenders like RBS Group and HSBC are already using our online tools to help them understand the hidden value of commercial loan applicants. Both you and any financier you approach will have a much better understanding of what really makes your business ‘tick’ after using our unique tools – and while we’re in lockdown, it will cost you nothing.


Our IP profiling and Sollomon® valuation tools can be used safely and securely online, wherever you are. You’ll require around an hour of screen time to complete the whole process, if you have basic information to hand. Help text is provided throughout, and advice can be accessed (during normal UK working hours) by phone, email or through the web chat facility on our site.

What do you need to input into our tools to help with CBILS applications? Basic details of any registered IP; high-level forecasts for the current year and at least two further years, plus information on overall trading performance and IP investment, which can be found in your recent historical accounts.

In short, we ask for very similar information to your lender; we just do a lot more with it!

If you’ve already got a discount code from us, click on the button below and redeem it when you register on Inngot’s online platform!

*Offer available during lockdown, subject to review. Discount vouchers will be valid for one week (seven days) from receipt. Offer only available to UK companies applying for support under CBILS.

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